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About Nextro Able?

Nextro Able is one of our top most developer centric dashboard template. It has almost every thing which required for any simple or complex backend project. Built using latest Bootstrap Framework & support of NPM-Gulp build process.

Why we consider to purchase Nextro Able?

We’re an Elite Author from Envato & having 5+ years of Experience in Dashboard development. We have seen a lot of change in market since we working & through that we adapt those changes & make it on our product. As in Nextro we have almost invest 1.5 years of time to make it professional with having industry standard features & design. All our efforts is to make Nextro a standard Dashboard Template which have almost all possible pages, components & required plugins.

Promise we made for our user/customer

  • Nextro now & will always updated
  • On going Testing on bug fixes & unit testing
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Consider New features request & act on it
  • Listen Customer feedback & work on it
  • Change log with all possible information about update

Made for Performance

Performance is our key factor before developing Nextro Able Admin Template and we’ve made it with lots of testing and efforts on code improvement.

Nextro Able is made for performance and we’ve achieve it in terms of design testing or code testing. Design passed with good score in Google Page Speed, Pingdom, gtMetrix and code passed via w3 validators.

notes – live demos have tons of features active, due to server location score may differ in Google Page Speed, Pingdom, gtMetrix.

Technology used?

We’ve implemented latest technologies in Nextro Able Admin template.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Saas
  • Gulp
  • npm

Top Features

Below are top features of Nextro Able which makes Nextro Able differ than other templates.

  • More than 7+ layouts
  • Developer-centric code structure
  • Responsive & mobile-first design
  • Professional looking design and color combination
  • High-Performance centrilc fully flexible code
  • Detailed Documentation

Page Layouts Types

We’re introducing 7+ new layouts which never seen on any other admin templates ever. We’ve developed it to fulfill the needs of modern backend applications.

  • Vertical sidebar default layout
  • Collapse
  • Horizontal
  • Modern Layout
  • Advance Layout
  • Tab Layout


150+ ready to use widget collection for showcase your instant need of data in follwing categories. We add our new widgets with the release of upcoming template update

  • Statistics
  • User cards
  • charts
  • Table
  • Slider

Layouts we offer with Nextro Able

  • Default (i.e. Dark Light)
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Coming soon


Nextro has soft professional colors which grabs your user eye easily & gives warmness too.



Display your statistical data on following industry leading charts.

Chart types

  • Alex chart
  • Chartjs
  • Highchart
  • Knob chart
  • peity chart


  • Google Maps


Nextro Admin Template comes with Bootstrap Basic Components as well as has numbers of 3’rd party components.

Advance components

  • Sweet Alert
  • Lightbox
  • Notification
  • pNotify
  • Rating
  • Range Slider
  • Syntax Highlighter

Form Components

After Numerous Product launched we have seen the Form components are most important part of any backend project. That’s why we brings you a lot of form related components with great example which you can directly use in your development.

  • Basic Elements
    • Inputs, Checkbox, Radio, Switch, Mega options
  • Vendor Plugins
    • Clipboard
    • Date Picker
    • Date Range Picker
    • Google reCaptcha
    • Input Masks
    • Max Length
    • Form Repeater
    • Range Slider
    • Advance Switch
    • Multi Select
    • Select 2
    • Timepicker
    • Touchspin
  • Form Wizard
    • Basic Form Wizard
    • Smart Wizard
  • Form Validation
  • Form Layouts
    • Form Vertical Layouts
    • Form Horizontal Layouts
    • Multi Column Forms
    • With Action Bars
    • Sticky Action Bars
  • File Upload
    • Uppy
    • Dropzone
  • Text Editors
    • ckEditor
    • Quill Editor
    • Summernote Editor
    • TinyMCE
    • Trumbowyg Editor


Organize your data with the pre-designed Tables. Nextro has variety of options for display data in tables with lots of pre-defined options like Export Data, Filter Data, Colors, Size etc…

  • Bootstrap Tables with Examples
  • DataTable
    • Basic Initialization
    • Advance Initialization
    • Styling
    • API
    • Plug-in
    • Data Sources – DOM/JSON
  • DataTable Extensions
    • Autofill
    • Export Button
    • Column/Row Re-order
    • Fixed column/Header
    • Scroller
    • Responsive Table
    • Select Table Data


Nextro has following web icons + SVG support.

  • Feather
  • Feather SVG
  • Font Awesome5


The full ready to use applications with all possible options included

  • Invoice
  • Calendar
  • Image Cropper
  • Email Pages
  • Task App
  • To-Do
  • Image Gallery

User Pages

We captured the possible section required for user personalization like following included in profile pages.

  • Profile Overview
  • Personal Info showcase
  • Account settings
  • Change Password
  • Notification settings
  • Social Profile
  • Users list
  • User card

Important Pages

Extra pages that helps you out with your desire requirements

  • FAQ (3 variants)
  • Landing Page
  • Authentication Pages
    • SignUp (3 variants)
    • SignIn (3 variants)
    • Reset Password (3 variants)
    • Change Password (3 Variants)
    • With Profile settings
    • Tabs Authentication
    • Lockscreen
  • Maintenance Pages
    • Error 404
    • Offile UI
    • Maintenance Page

Purchased Package Includes

  • Theme Package
  • Live demo preview image is not included in package
  • Documentation

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