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Off-the-shelf Elearning

Off-the-shelf Elearning covers the core topics that are most important for compliance training and developing effective management and leadership skills.
What is Off-the-shelf?
Off-the-shelf Elearning is made up of modules with engaging multimedia resources that are ready to use and instantly accessible on any device. Our modules are:

  • Skill-building:
    Empower your employees to thrive at work with best-in-class courses that cover the most important topics in communication, leadership, management and personal effectiveness.

  • Educational and engaging:
    Modules combine text, audio, video and animation to guide the learning journey. Courses start with the why, show best practices, highlight key skills and engage learners in key practice scenarios.

  • Elearning Off the Shelf from Mind Tools for Business
    Why it works
  • Easy to access:
    Your learners will have instant access to courses from any online device, and all modules are fully responsive, no matter the screen size.

  • Meet business needs:
    We offer the ability to customize the look and feel with your organization's branding. 

  • Learning & Development Solution ~ Teams flourish with Mind Tools' learning resources
    Discover our modules
    Performance Modules
    Our Perform bundle is designed to enhance the skills and confidence of your workforce.

    • Effective communication
    • Boost your creativity
    • Excellent customer service
    • Building your personal brand
    • Embracing diversity
    • Practical problem-solving
    • Self-development
    • Time management
    • Improving wellbeing
    • Develop a better work-life balance
    Management modules
    Our Manage bundle is designed for new or aspiring managers to help them drive the performance of their teams, the bundle includes:

    • Develop your coaching skills
    • Build your credibility
    • Effective decision-making
    • Managing difficult conversations
    • Enhance emotional intelligence
    • Creating a feedback culture
    • Becoming a manager
    • Performance management
    • Introducing project management
    • Build your resilience
    Leadership modules
    Our Lead bundle creates a great platform for new and aspiring leaders to shape the future of your organization, the bundle includes:

    • Change Management
    • Get to grips with finance
    • Become a great leader
    • Effective team management
    • Negotiate like a pro
    • Networking (for those who hate it)
    • Presenting with impact
    • Recruiting the best talent
    • Social responsibility
    • Implementing a strategy
    Compliance modules
    Prepare your people to meet everyday workplace challenges with confidence, through our legally-reviewed compliance courses (UK Only) , the bundle includes:

    • Anti-Bribery
    • Anti-Discrimination
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • Cyber Security
    • Data Protection
    • Health & Safety
    • Intellectual Property
    • Sustainability
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