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Measure the true impact of your L&D investment

World-leading organizations recognize the value of investing in Learning and Development (L&D). But high investment – over $380 billion* globally in 2023 – brings a heightened focus on the outcomes achieved.

Robust and reliable metrics are key to building the people capabilities that drive organizational performance.

*Statista: size of the global workplace training market. 

Mind Tools Insights
Mind Tools Insights is an impact-driven consultancy service. We help L&D, Organizational Development and Talent Management functions to develop and embed robust measurement frameworks.

This helps them to understand the behaviours, perceptions and approaches of their people and make evidence-informed decisions.

This enables your organization to evaluate your L&D initiatives, ensuring they align with the business and have the intended impact on critical KPIs.
We work in partnership with you to ensure you can:
  • Understand behavioural changes

  • Measure the impact of L&D on business critical KPIs

  • Identify barriers and enablers to successfully measuring impact

  • Demonstrate the value of learning and development to your key stakeholders.
  • We will tailor our consultancy to your needs but here are some examples of how we’ve supported other clients

    Strategic, multi-phased consultancy project for a leading international bank

    In-depth quantitative studies, packaged as a 12 – 18-month roadmap, enabled L&D to re-align in-house capabilities, partner with the C-Suite, and build relationships with critical departments across regions.
    Behavioural study for a large insurance provider

    Pre- and post-intervention studies delivered baseline and impact data on information security risks that demonstrated:

  • 24% rise in employee ability to find security guidance and advice

  • 16% rise in employee ability to report security incidents..
  • Analyzing organizational data for a large transport company

    Using an open-source algorithm we measured post-pandemic employee engagement initiatives to demonstrate:

  • 24% increase in engagement from the first campaign

  • 123% increase after the second campaign.

  • Enabling the client to demonstrate that intermittent campaigns drive proactive learning behaviour.
  • Meet the team

    Nahdia Khan
    Nahdia Khan, Chief Impact Officer
    Nahdia works to foster communities of practice with people leaders and workplace performance practitioners as well as industry partners. She is also responsible for Mind Tools' industry-leading insights function, the impact of learning interventions and digital investments on organizational learning.
    Gent Ahmetaj, Head of Research
    Gent is a mixed-methods specialist focusing on how learning and organizational development can have real positive impact on key business metrics. Gent and his team of qualitative and quantitative researchers are responsible for improving data collection and analysis, writing research reports, and building inter-disciplinary research partnerships.
    Anna Barnett
    Anna Barnett, Senior Insight Analyst
    With a strong background in academic research, Anna completed her PhD in 2020 and is now a core member of our Impact & Insights team. Anna specializes in producing high-quality, comprehensive and topical evidence-based reports for the L&D community.
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